A downloadable game

WASD = Move
Space = Drink Potion
Arrow Keys = Throw Potion
C = Crafting Menu
Q/E = Toggle Selected Drinkable Potion
Click on potions crafted to add them to your inventory

Traverse the forest in search of materials to brew potions to improve your skills.
Life of an apothecary is more perilous than you'd expect.

Crafting Recipes:

Show in game but there is a bug when going to that screen. So here they are again:

1) health potion = eyeball + leaf

2)speed potion = eyeball + eyeball + eyeball

3) damage potion = eyeball + leaf + mushroom

4)range potion = blood vial + blood vial + mushroom

5) attack speed potion = mushroom + leaf + blood vial

Known Bugs:
    the game is still buggy but playable.
Bug 1: The biggest bug is you can not use the arrows in the crafting menu
after viewing the crafting help screen.

Install instructions

1) Extract the zip file 

2) Read the ReadMe

3) Run the Alembic.exe


Alembic.zip 20 MB

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